Nigerian South African Chamber of Commerce

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Main Objectives

The general objective of intensifying Nigeria – South Africa business relationships is supported by the following activities of the chamber:

  • To promote trade relations between Nigeria and South Africa through a regular exchange of information among its members;
  • To advise the government of both countries on bilateral trade relations issues;
  • To advise the members of opportunities and problems, legislative or otherwise, that may arise from trading activities;
  • To set-up an information network that will promote bilateral trading activities between Nigeria and South Africa by facilitating decision making for members and those willing to trade in Nigeria and South Africa.
  • To organize functions on subjects of current relevance to the commercial community;
  • To conduct regular meetings of specialist group with the aim of encouraging members to meet and discuss problems of mutual interest;
  • To Maintain close liaison with officials in government departments and representative bodies concerned with furthering Nigerian-South African trade and industrial relationships;
  • To publicize by all means the views of the chambers on matters of common interest;
  • To provide an information service to members on matters wishing to obtain advice on matters relating to Nigerian-South African trade and industry.