Tourist Attractions In Nigeria

Nigeria is a land blessed with many natural and human resources. Nature has endowed Nigeria with a good design that is so attractive that Nigeria makes one of the most naturally picturesque nations in the world. Nigeria is an adventure, simply put.

Tourist attractions abound in Nigeria, ranging from natural attractions like hills, waterfalls, springs, lakes, mountains, rocks, beaches, etc; Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Man-made attractions like resorts, parks, game reserves, ranches, etc; and Cultural attractions such as Festivals, carnivals, etc. The tourist attractions in Nigeria are spread out in the different states that make up the federation. Tourists come to Nigeria to enjoy its picturesque cites, some of which are natural wonders, its artistic treasures, beautiful beaches, resorts, parks, festivals and food. Tourism in Nigeria is one of the country’s bourgeoning service activities, with the government and individuals doing much to improve and expand the country’s tourist facilities.

Tinapa, the first integrated business and leisure resort in Nigeria, with world-class facilities for business, leisure and entertainment, located in Calabar; the Agbokin and Kwa Falls; a Game Reserve at Okwangwo in Obudu local government and Oban Forest Reserves both of which were combined to create the Calabar National Park.; the Boshi Game Reserve; the Mary Slessor Cottage; and a National Museum. In Akwa Ibom, there is the Oron Museum famous for its collection of fine African carvings; the Ibeno Beach, and the Opobo Boatyard with its natural sand beaches at Ikot Abasi. Ojukwu Bunker in Abia wherein relics and inventions of the Nigeria civil war are displayed.

Lagos State, the former national capital is proud of its many tourist centres/attraction. These include the long stretch of beaches from Lekki Beach to Alpha Beach; Tarkwa Bay Beach; Badagry Coconut Beach; Eleko Beach; Kuramo Beach widely noted for night beaching; Maiyegun Beach; the French Village; the National Theatre; the Murtala Mohammed Memorial Botanical Garden; Ogun State is naturally prettified with the Olumo Rock, a massive outcrop of granite rocks of primitive formation, the highest point of which is about 137m above sea level in Abeokuta among others. Nature’s gift of the Ikogosi Warm Spring is located in Ekiti State. The warm water from the rock meets with cold water stream 100m below. It has lodging facilities. Nigeria is also proud of the Erin-Ijesha Water Falls in Osun State; Ibadan University Zoo, Agodi Zoological Garden, Upper Ogun Games Reserve.

Finally, Abuja, the beautiful and well-planned National Capital is a must-visit for all tourists for while the Zuma Rock greets you welcome, the large Aso Rock hills tells you; the sitting of Federal Capital Territory is here.

Many Nigerian cultural festivals also have tourist appeal. We cannot forget the buzz and excitement that goes with the Argungu Fishing Festival (Kebbi State), established in the 1930s and that is held between February and March annually and that attracts over 5,000 fishermen into the Argungu village to compete to catch the biggest Nile perch.
In Ogun state, there are the Egungun festival, the Oro festival, the Agemo festival, the Obinrin Ojowo festival, and the Igunnuko Masquerades. Oyo States Ibadan delights in the Ode-Ibadan festival.

Even though tourist services in the nation, at the moment, is not at it’s peak, the industry is still flourishing with more than 1,000,000 tourists coming into the nation annually from neighbouring African countries and the continent over. Nigerians are good and hospitable people. Nigerian Hotels are a delight and most offer tour/travels services. The likes of the NICON NOGA Hilton Hotel Abuja, Sheraton Hotels, Newcastle Hotels Lagos/Imo state, Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos, Southern Sun Ikoyi Hotel, Lagos, etc to mention but a few. Travel broadens the mind and Tourism is life. This is the secret to enjoying your tourist experience of Nigeria.

Visit Nigeria today and be rapt by its beauty. You are welcome!